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Turkom-Cera; in 78 countries of the world with the patented system “ Trade name” field of a single global Turkish brand.


years of experience

In many countries, “revolution and” the miracle called Adnan Bozdemir revealing this product career paths in dental technician in Germany in 1978, “master” started out as. With new techniques and training in Europe, he established the “sunny boy” named attachment in the lab of orthodontics and the application he gave to our country by making first, and then by going to Malaysia has added new impetus to the profession. With 35 years of knowledge and experience; at the end of the experiment thousands of Practising, all over the world for over 50 years in the dental industry and infrastructure that is applied to all external metal porcelain crowns prepared with other techniques which is an alternative to the techniques of “Turkom-Cera” has been found.

Development of innovation-oriented infrastructure work after the superstructure materials the material with the principle of developing Turkom-Cera in the industry, with testing done in independent laboratories with all the necessary documents has consolidated its presence and its products.
Including several certifications and awards has proven that almost. Between 2005 and 2010, production and exports in Malaysia is starting to turko-Cera, as of 2012, Turkey (Istanbul - Tuzla) continues on the production and export of newly developed products

Turko-Cera experts in the dental prosthetics industry as a brand that can provide a global solution to all the problems they face first thinking about the health of the people of the world that conform to the standards technician, new and modern technology, with all the advantages for the physician and the patient by eye to provide professional service in oral and dental health of the area.

Our mission
Turko-Cera dental laboratories is committed to becoming an irreplaceable partner for the world international standards.

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